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trumpity trump

25 x 60 x 25cm, card.

The election of Trump as president of the USA is quite frightening, his egomaniac avaricious attitude to the world has the potential to ruin us all. Its not just the extremely right wing and fascist likeminded arseholes he has surrounded himself with, its that his election gives succour and support for the same like minded arseholes around the world. They feel they can come out from under the stones they have crawled to and give vent to their bile and perfidious beliefs and start pushing their racism and xenophobia.

He appears to be building for another war, his right hand man, Bannon wants one to "reset the world" for white people. But people mean nothing them, greed and profit are all.

But the worst of it is his attitude to nature and the world. No matter how bad the politics and racism gets we can eventually fight back against it, and I'm not saying that lightly, but our globe is hanging on a thread, his attitude to global warming could well cut it, and there will be no going back from that.

The little trump cutout is courtesy of Rob Ives, TRUMP , if you like cut-outs it's well worth becoming a member.