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30 x 70 x 70cm, 9mm birch ply, treated with Toung oil.

The first in a series of insects made from slotted together plywood. It was inspired by a large common house spider lurking in Gnome House, Walthamstow.

There seem to be thousands of spiders in my street, all hanging around in webs that stretch from the house to the telegraph poles and lamp standards on the pavements. They are mostly large orb web females, the common garden spider, but for real impressive size the prize goes to the common house spider. The model for this work was around 3" in diameter, and had been driven out of hiding by the building work going on. Our spiders are for the most part harmless to humans, unless you are allergic, very few species can break the skin with a bite which would be no worse than a wasp sting.