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I don't care what you are, I don't want to die
Hight; 75cm, turning circle; 120cm diameter.

I am bemused by the number of gays and women who want to joint the armed forces to kill and maim other people, denying them their right to live, let alone express any desire for equality of treatment. The imposition of equality in death seems a rather hard form of equality.

Some times it seems that in half of the world women and gays are persecuted for being who they are, in some cases with death as a final deterrent, and in the other half they are fighting to join the armed forces to threaten and persecute other people.

Of all the forms of warfare aerial bombing is the most indiscriminate, even the smartest of smart bombs seem suffer memory failure. Dropped from an aeroplane thousands of feet in the sky, or travelling at hundreds of miles an hour, or crudely manufactured and pushed out the doors of helicopters, and in the latest obscenity released from an aeroplane controlled by an operator thousands of miles away as if playing a video game, all bombing detaches the bomber from the reality of their killing, the victims are normally women and children. All aerial warfare is indiscriminate and a form of terrorism.

When Musolini came to power in Italy he wanted to reestablish an empire, the only piece of Africa he could find that was not claimed by a western power was Ethiopia. To establish control over it and set his empire in motion he organised the systematic terror bombing of the villages, it had no military significance beyond demoralising the population. Near where I live there is a a little statue, a monument against aerial warfare. It was erected by Emily Pankhurst when she started her campaign against aerial warfare and her lifelong support for Ethiopia.