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One of the many project that was taken on by the Bauhaus school was to furnish the, rather grand and somewhat ostentatious, mansion of Count Von Munch Hausen, a wealthy and artistically inclined modernist in the aristocracy who was attempting to divest himself of his wealth because of his.

He required his major room to have a chandelier and one was designed and made upon delivery the Count sent an enthusiastic letter of appreciation back to the school. However he soon sent another, full of rapprochement and, frankly, abuse. The main direction that his spleen was vented in concerned the very reason for the chandelier in the the first place , to light the room, the failure to provide candle attachments let alone light bulbs to the thing was to be seen in later years as a triumph of form ignoring function and caused the cancelation of the entire project.

An element of the work

This work is a smaller scale copy of the original.