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"keep on trucking...( for historical reference )"

Mixed media sculpture.

H; 55cm, W; 22, L; 20.

Made for a little exhibition, "old boots and panties" at the request of its curator, Julia Madisson. Mr Natural, seen hanging from a the parachute of a pair of kids knickers, was the creation of Robert Crumm, the pre-eminent cartoonist of the great hippy rising of the 60's. Later he was to be denigrated as a myssogenist and racist, but he truly reflected the period, there was much talk of sexuality and how it developed from an early age, there were pictures of prepubescent girls on album covers and women were expected to be available, it took another decade to put it all in perspective. That still left a big gap for one-sided theories and exploitation to develop, sexual freedom for men and the same old same old for women, children were given another justification for being taken advantage of.

I hope my little work gives pause to thought about all this, but its probably just an old hippy parachuting in on a pair of old knickers.