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sweet temptation

Sweet Temptation, a box of chocolates with a political selection. A multi flavour compilation of corruption and abuse, it seemed to me that parliament was treated like a personal piggy bank by the MPs, but it not just about money it is also about the corruption of power, far more insidious.

Sample chocolates and their descriptions;

Money, the big one, it's what it is all about, keep this for yourself don't spread it about. Remuneration, a higher class of sweet, you vote on the ingredients yourself. Expense, a first class taste this one, no second class ingredients included, a step apart from the masses. Allowance, for those little things in life, when you need a new house for your ducks, take a bite. Power, one bite and you always want more, keep it in your hands and wield it for you. Influence, spread them around and live off of the results, delicious with inducements.

20cm in diameter the chocolate box contains edible chocolates, when I get time I will remake them in plastic to reduce the temptation of the viewer.