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a world to win

Vestas Blades UK made production workers at their factories on the Isle of Wight redundant on 12 August 2009. More than 500 jobs were lost. Many more jobs that depend on Vestas will follow. This makes no sense from a green or a labour perspective! At the same time, the government announced a major expansion of renewable energy including wind power. We are calling on the government to intervene to save jobs at companies like Vestas - through nationalisation if that is what it takes - to show that it is serious about saving the planet.

The Vestas workers fight on you can follow their fight at

What you can do

Hardship fund for sacked and redundant Vestas workers Send a donation from your trade union or other organisation, or make a personal donation. Cheques payable to RMT IOW 2 Vestas hardship & defense fund, and send to Keith Murphy, 57 Well Street, Ryde, IOW PO33 2RY.

This little sculpture was made as a tribute to their struggle, and as a metaphor for the fight to save the world. Whilst production is for profit we will not be able to command the resources necessary to reverse climate change, for that to happen we will need to control the world in another way.

The arm is 44 x 13 x 11cm and the rotor is 54cm in diameter, giving a maximum hight of 65cm and width of 54cm. The sculpture is animated, a little switch on the back controls the blades turning.