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Cast in concrete and standing 80cm out of the ground this lantern has had a checkered history. I made it many years ago for my garden in Upper Walthamstow, it had wooden windows with rice paper "glazing", and a large mushroom top with finial cast in brown concrete. There is a candle holder with reflector that can be used of a night time. The window "glaze" has to be replaced ever year and the snails eat the rice paper. A little mistake in the casting meant that the roof crazed on the upper surface, these little cracks filled with moss and over time and the patiner of ageing made it all look rather beautiful.

My cat used to on occasion sleep on the roof, but more usually used it as a stepping stone to the tree behind it. One day the cat jumped out of the tree and landing on the roof found that it shattered into many pieces. End of roof one.

The following year I moved house to my Lloyd road Warners flat, with a postage stamp of a garden, but I took the lantern with me. It necessitated a smaller roof so taking current ecological trend into account i went for a green one. I am trying to grow sempervivums on the roof space, it will take a while to reach its full potential but it seems to be working.