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"lost in hair", lino cut, available in black, umber, or yellow ocher.
image size 11 X 41 cm

Hair is lovely, freshl hair smells delightful, in some cultures it is seen as so seductive it has to be cut off, or covered, in others it is tied back and only released for the one you love. It has the power to trap and entangle, to reduce men to quivering wrecks of desire, or something like that.

When we were young it was our mothers hair we held onto, on special occasions its our hair we fiddle with, when the state or others want to control us its our hair they cut off. For men, long hair, mullet and ponytails go in and out of fashion. My mother would refuse to leave the house without a scarf over head when I was young. When I was an apprentice I was tied to a chair and had my long hair trimmed with electric wire cutters, such was the post war fear of men of long hair.

Available in black, umber, or yellow ocher, or as I've called them, negro, castaƱo, and rubio.