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"gardens of remembrance", lino cut in burnt umber,
image size 16 X 16 cm, edition of 12.

I was sitting in my garden contemplating the installation of the new decking path and the gardens recent flooding with sewage, my thoughts turned to the first world war exhibition at the Imperial War Museum. I was impressed by the scrum of people trying to see it, elbowing each other out of the way and the somewhat stilted view it gives us of war looking back on it. I was far more impressed by the exhibition upstairs of art from WW1, the ability of artists to generals an emotion made the conflict real. I was particularly struck, as always, by the work of Nevinson, his stark emptiness speaks volumes.

In my family one of my grandfathers was destroyed by WW1 and sought solace in his garden after his return, and the other was a war monger, eventually rising to the rank of Major in WW2. My little garden would have seen people who went to war, both those that returned and those that didn't.

And so my little print.