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"so sorry (the groszness of bankers)", lino-cut somerset paper,
image size 15 X 20 cm, edition of 12.

Looking at a collection of George Grosz's work I was struck by how little has changed in the world of finance. Grosz had an aging industrialist, arrogant, corpulent, big cigar sitting on his money, today we have young, thrusting, arrogant, self obsessed traders, all sharp suits and gym. The attitude is the same "stuff you I'm making money".


Then looking at the banks in London the Barclays Building in Lombard Street caught my attention. I used to work there before it was rebuilt, moving in the telephones, the top floor directors canteen had a wooden sink that had to be permanently filled with water to keep the wood swollen and watertight, it was for cleaning the silver plates the food was served on. But I digress, the old building was replaced by a new state of the art design, but just look at the design. The whole building is giving us the finger. I don't know if the architect was telling the bank what he thought of it or the bank was telling us what it thought of us. But I can make a good guess.

In the words of Bertold Brect "is it better to rob a bank or to run a bank"